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The Daughters of Maine

The Daughters of Maine - Tish Thawer Expect to be enthralled with The Daughters of Maine, book 2 in the Witches of BlackBrook series. Tish Thawer has once again done an amazing job of bringing us back into Trin, Caris, and Kennedy’s lives. This story has expertly woven the past and the present. You’re not going to be disappointed with the journey the sisters have to take or the challenges they have to face. I have never been one for spoilers so please know I will not even hint as to what’s in store for you, but I can tell you this, I literally at the end of this book said “Whoa! Wait, what?”. I then sat there quietly for a moment and thought, “Damn Tish is good. I’m sucked in again. Now to find the patience to wait for book 3”. :D

Thank you Tish Thawer for letting the magic flow, not only in the sisters, but in your words as well.