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Frommer's Seattle Day by Day

Frommer's Seattle Day by Day - Beth Taylor I want to go to Seattle now...Time to plan a vacation! :D
The Life & Death of Jorja Graham full wrap
The Life & Death of Jorja Graham full wrap

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Death of a Black Rose (The Rose Trilogy) (Volume 3) - Tish Thawer Review of Death of a Black Rose by Tish Thawer

When Tish Thawer messaged me to ask if I would beta read her final book in the series, I jumped at the opportunity. When I read Scent of a White Rose, I was a blogger and was thrilled with the first book in the Rose Trilogy. Now, three books and a novella later, I’m an even happier camper. I cannot help but feel a tinge of sadness now that we’ve reached the end of this series though, it’s bitter sweet for sure. I’ve grown attached to Rose & Christian and now they are all “grown up”/ “evolved”, if you will, into the people they were always meant to be. Rose has really been through a lot and thankfully Christian loves her enough to navigate them through it all. He risked everything to keep the one person he can never live without…Rose.

Tish Thawer did an amazing job of pulling this story together and giving us the reader the ending that not only we deserved, but that all of the characters deserved as well. I’m not and never will be about spoilers. I love the notion that a story unfolds for each person differently and I have no intention of spoon feeding anyone my perspective. You’ll just have to buy the book or the series if you have not yet discovered Ms. Thawer and find out just how remarkable her characters and stories are for yourself.

Bravo on another job well done! Can’t wait to read what you are writing next and oh, I’ll always clear my schedule if you need someone to read your books. *wink*

Naked (The Blackstone Affair, #1) - Raine Miller Stayed up until 1am finishing this and bought All In, moments later. Great read! I'm completely sucked in and cannot wait to read what Ethan has to say for himself. *wink* <3
Thorns of an Innocent Soul - Barbara Watkins I am a fan of Barbara Watkins and she did not disappoint with Thorns of an Innocent Soul. From the moment the story began I was surprised how much I could relate to the main character. While some of the choices in this book confused me, I continued to read because I was certain they would be explained. In the end, this book left me feeling at peace and not for the reasons you might think. Because amidst the darkness this world has to offer, there’s always a chance to choose the light. Congrats, Barbara! Can’t wait to read your next book!
The Fallen King - T.A. Grey I’m a huge fan of T.A. Grey.; I think her novels are well written with fantastic characters, steamy scenes, and strong females to stand up to the pure alpha males she creates. The latest and I do believe final book in the Bellum Sister series, The Fallen King, was a great conclusion. I know that like many others, I felt a longing to know what happened to Alrik at the end of Ties that Bind and thankfully, T.A. Grey read my mind and wrote his story.

Alrik is broken and damaged by the many wicked things his mother did to him but he finally has a chance to free himself and find absolution. The only problem is–– he’ll have to kill someone to do it. Normally this wouldn’t affect the hardened warrior but that was before he met Abbigail. She appears to be weak and unable to handle herself but nothing could be further from the truth. Abbigail has strength that cannot be measured and she makes certain Alrik knows it at every turn. Oh and did I forget to mention that Abbigail is connected to Chloe, Willow, and Lily? *Huge cheeky grin*

Another fantastic book, T.A.!

If you pick up the Bellum Sisters series, you won’t be disappointed!
Chains of Frost (The Bellum Sisters #1)
Bonds of Fire (The Bellum Sisters #2)
Ties That Bind (The Bellum Sisters #3)
The Fallen King (The Bellum Sisters #4)

A special note for T.A.: *Fans self before typing* If you ever get a whim; I wouldn’t mind knowing more about Aidan. His vampire sexiness was, *grin* well…hot! :P
The Rise of Rae (An Ovialell Series Companion) - Tish Thawer The Rise of Rae is a beautiful short story about a young girl with an unusual name, well at least among all the other fairy girls. Raeanne was an outcast and she hated it, but she convinced herself that once her fairy trial was over, things would be different. What Raeanne didn’t know though, was that she was special––that her predestined fate would change Ovialell forever. This is a charming story with a fairytale ending and its innocent storyline was even suitable for my nine year old daughter. *grin* She loved it too by the way.
Immortal Rider (Lords of Deliverance #2) - Larissa Ione GREAT BOOK! Running to grab Lethal Rider!
Playing with Fire (Tales of an Extraordinary Girl, #1) - Gena Showalter This is a great book! Hot sexy Alpha,sassy lead female...all the makings of a great book when you mix it with an interesting plot. Bravo Showalter!! *rushing to buy the next book* I must know what happens next!!
Soul Reborn - Jean  Murray 4 ½ stars!!!

I recently came across this book and wasn’t sure I was going to like it but I can tell you with 100% certainty…I did! Jean Murray is a new author worth taking notice of. Murray does an excellent job of blending action, heat and strong intriguing characters into a well written novel. Soul Reborn is the first in the Key to the Cursed series, a series that will follow three sisters and their journey to find their destinies.

The day I finished reading Soul Reborn, I told my neighbor what a fantastic read it was. She started reading it the following day and she too found Soul Reborn to be a great read from an up and coming PNR/UF author. Her comment “This book reminds me of Kresley Cole’s writing style. I love the relationship between the sisters, their actions and conversations are authentic and captivating. Bravo to Jean Murray.”

Wow! So this is actually two reviews in one *grin*. You can find Murray’s books on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I only have one thing I am not a fan of and that is the cover. Had this book not been recommended, I am not certain I would have picked it to add to my Kindle TBR list. I am however grateful that I did not judge this book by its cover. In my opinion, the cover does nothing to draw the reader into the fantastic world Murray has created, and after reading it, it doesn’t truly represent the strength and sensuality of Lily. This comment is not meant to offend, it is meant to make sure you look beyond the image and go buy this book! I look forward to the next in the series, Soul Awakened. In fact, I am hoping she is writing as I am posting this review. :D(less)

**Originally posted as my former blogger self KiraCortz (The Book Lover's Realm)**